CMS Data Quality Reports

Submitting patient and clinical data to EQRS through the Renal Healthcare HIE is cost-effective and efficient. CMS creates a wide variety of reports (distributed by the Renal Healthcare HIE) for renal dialysis organizations that provide quality and data submission information.

EQRS Data Submission Quality Improvement Reports

The Renal Healthcare HIE delivers the data quality improvement reports generated by CMS to the Renal Healthcare HIE submitting organizations. The reports contain information about specific data submission errors and status information for patients in EQRS.

Report user guides are available for each report providing information for how the report is to be used, improving the quality of data submissions or management of patient information in EQRS.

As more reports become available from CMS, Renal Healthcare HIE will notify customers, post supporting report user guides and deliver the reports to Renal Healthcare HIE submitting organizations.


Quality Improvement Report Guides

  • Clinical Comply - Provides information about the completion of data submissions and listing of patients missing specific clinical data at the EQRS database. This report is distributed weekly.
  • EQRS Waitlist - Provides a listing of patients in-scope that are included in the Transplant Wait List. This report is distributed monthly.
  • UNOS Reference Document - This is a companion document to the EQRS Waitlist report and provides descriptions for codes used in the report.