The Renal Healthcare Association (formerly the National Renal Administrator's Association) is offering use of the Renal Healthcare Health Information Exchange (HIE) to any Renal Healthcare Association member or non-member organization for electronic data submission of EQRS (formerly CROWNWeb) quality data. To use the HIE an organization must contract with the Renal Healthcare Association.

Step 1

Review Sample Contract and Terms and Conditions documents before you start the online contracting process.

Step 2

Participation in the Renal Healthcare HIE is based on a per average number of patients per year subscription fee. Also, if organizations require connectivity to the HIE (check with your electronic health record vendor to find out if your organization will need to set up connectivity) the Renal Healthcare HIE provides that connectivity software.

Renal Healthcare HIE Fees

Participation Fees

  • Renal Healthcare Association Members - $29 per patient based on annual average patient census (Note, to be eligible for the Annual Renal Healthcare Association Member Subscription pricing, organizations must be a member in good standing with the Renal Healthcare Association for at least six months.)  

  • Non-Members - $39 per patient based on annual average patient census
  • Organizations with less than 25 patients in their average census will be charged a minimum annual subscription equal to 25 patients

Renal Healthcare HIE Connectivity Software

  • One-time fee of $3,000

Step 3

Reference the user’s guide to learn how to execute the online contacting process.