Renal Healthcare

Welcome to the Renal Healthcare Association's (formerly National Renal Administrator's Association) health information exchange (HIE) website – the information source for renal dialysis organizations and electronic health record (EHR) vendors contracting with the Renal Healthcare HIE to submit EQRS (formerly CROWNWeb) data for end-stage renal disease patients.


The Renal Healthcare Association is offering use of the Renal Healthcare Health Information Exchange (HIE) to any Renal Healthcare Association member or non-member organization for electronic data submission of EQRS quality data. To use the HIE an organization must contract with the Renal Healthcare HIE.

Data Management

Submitting patient and clinical data to EQRS through the Renal Healthcare HIE is cost-effective and efficient. The information below provides tips and techniques for making preparations for data submissions and tools to handle errors and improve the quality of data submissions.

Facility Registration

Renal dialysis organizations with an approved contract from the Renal Healthcare HIE for EQRS quality data reporting must also register their individual facilities to report data for the patients at those facilities. The online registration is also where organizations can manage and update information for their registered facilities.


The Renal Healthcare HIE facilitates a process for electronic health record (EHR) vendors to become certified to electronically submit data to the EQRS repository through the Renal Healthcare HIE. This certification demonstrates the vendor has the technical capability to support this process and may promote this capability as a feature of their software.

Operations Information

Next Renal Healthcare HIE Scheduled Maintenance: June 17, 2021

CMS/EQRS Maintenance

EQRS maintenance schedule is unknown at this time and under construction by CMS. As routine and emergency maintenance schedules become available from CMS, the information will be posted here and a notification will be sent to the Renal Healthcare HIE community. The Renal Healthcare HIE is working closely with CMS to help establish routine and standard maintenance schedules for EQRS. The Renal Healthcare HIE is also working to test the new EQRS system for bug fixes and enhancements which may also effect EQRS system availability.

The Renal Healthcare HIE maintenance schedule is unchanged and provided below for reference and operations planning.

Note, data submissions cannot be processed when EQRS systems are offline for maintenance. During these times, or for any other unplanned outages, the Renal Healthcare HIE will hold data submissions in the processing queues and release for processing when EQRS systems are back online.

Thank you for your patience as we work with CMS during these maintenance events, or any unplanned outages, to test patches and fixes to the EQRS system.